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Review of 8Bitdo SNES30
8.5 / 10

Review of 8Bitdo SNES30

Pros: Feels just like a SNES controller—maybe even a little better. Connects via USB or Bluetooth to anything.

Cons: Multi-direction d-pad can be too sensitive.

8Bitdo knows what retro gamers like and that's retro controllers. This controller mimics the feel of original SNES controllers almost perfectly while adding modern features such as USB and Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth you can use this controller with your phone, laptop, or even with an official Nintendo Wii or Wii U console. The controller charges via the provided micro USB cable, which can also be used to connect to a PC for a zero-latency experience.

If you play emulated SNES or NES games on your computer or in the Virtual Console, this is a must buy! 🎮

I paid $37 (CAD)

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