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Review of Bose QC 20 Earbuds
9.5 / 10

Review of Bose QC 20 Earbuds

Pros: Almost magic noise cancellation

Cons: Awkward cord, so so audio quality

Buy? Yes, I strongly recommend it.

I'd used a couple noise cancelling headphones before these, but they seemed like toys. These buds on the other hand are magic. Stick them in your ears, turn them on, and almost all background noise just disappears.

They're especially amazing on planes or trains where there's constant background humming. You'll notice you'll reduce the volume on a plane from full blast to normal, and your ears will thank you.

I'm cheap, but would still recommend these to anyone who flies more than once or twice a year. They're really that amazing. I even put them on just to sleep on a plane and it's so much more restful.

I paid $250

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