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Review of All Is Lost
9.5 / 10

Review of All Is Lost

Pros: Well acted, beautifully shot

Cons: End may be polarizing

Buy? Yes, I strongly recommend it.

While sick in bed this week, I watched a few movies and TV shows, but none held my attention like this film. Going on an old recommendation from Jeff Cannata from the SlashfilmCast podcast, it took me bring stuck in bed to get around to watching this movie. I'm glad I did.

It was captivating even though it is sparse when it comes to movie staples like dialog and plot. It is so well acted and shot, and the main character doesn't make stupid movie mistakes to add twists.

Would be fascinating to have heard early pitches for a movie like this. It seems like on paper, it would be nothing, but on screen it was one of the better movies seen recently (which is not a lot, admittedly).

I also watched Rogue One this week, and while I enjoyed it the number-of-times-I-thought-to-look-at-my-phone rating for All Is Lost was much better than Rogue One. This is especially remarkable when you compare the pace, plot, and dialog of the two films.

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