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Review of Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
9 / 10

Review of Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

Pros: Good home cooking, quick to prepare meals, simple ingredients

Cons: A bit plain and predictable

Buy? Yes, I strongly recommend it.

I have a few go-to cookbooks in my kitchen: Plenty, Plenty More, Around My French Table, and Smitten Kitchen. While the others have more imaginative dishes, SK is the one with the most heartwarming and easy to prepare weekday meals. Each recipe usually has 6-7 easy to procure ingredients, and after a long day thinking at work, I don't have to agonize over delicate preparations or timing - virtually all of the recipes are on the easy side but still fun to prepare and delicious.

Also make sure to check out the SK blog where it all started and where there are lots of additional yummy recipes (with the usual ENORMOUS preamble before you can actually get to cooking it!).

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