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Review of Apple Magic Mouse 2
6.5 / 10

Review of Apple Magic Mouse 2

Pros: Sleek, good battery life, gestures are kind of neat, overall it pairs quickly and easily with my MacBook Pro

Cons: Flat shape makes my hand tired, accidentally trigger gestures pretty often, can't use the damn thing while I'm charging it

I want to like the Apple Magic Mouse a lot more than I do. It's a perfectly fine mouse (I should hope so for 75 bucks!) but the shortcomings really detract from it. The biggest one is that over a few hours my hand starts to ache because I have to grip the edges of the flat mouse so carefully. Plus, it's hard not to gesture accidentally and it's super lame that the lightning connector is on the bottom so when the mouse is dead, I have to wait 30 min to use the darn thing again. Bleh.

I paid $73.99

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