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Review of Pro Soccer (Football)
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Review of Pro Soccer (Football)

Pros: Leicester FC. Arsene Wenger.

Cons: The soul was sold for pennies. It's just the same old boring drama year in and year out.

I've been a close follower of soccer (especially the EPL) since the late 90's and read soccer/football news pretty much every day to stay on top of the ins and outs of the game. I have a team I support based on geographical locality (Manchester United after I lived there for a year), a team I support for style of play (Arsenal), and a team I support for their all round play and for having a great stadium (Tottenham). So, I follow it pretty closely. And I used to love it.

But, the past ten years or so have felt like a slow slide toward annoyance at most aspects of the league and the game. Firing managers, transfer sagas, contract negotiations, and the boring and predictable drama of the life of millionaire footballers and billionaire teams has been getting more and more tedious. I think Frankie Boyle summed it up brilliantly in his "Mock the Week" segment when he compared football drama to watching a man shaking a keyring and shouting "look at the shiny shiny" year after year. Seriously, check it out:

Like everyone else I'm a bit addicted to the soap opera of it all, but it honestly feels like I'm reaching the tipping point where I just don't care anymore. The whole heart of football is rotten (I'm looking at you FIFA, billionaire owners, China, Dubai, etc). I think I can pinpoint the day it all jumped the shark when Liverpool finally dumped Luis Suarez for biting another player for the third time (!), and then he was immediately snapped up by Barcelona - the same team that switched their shirt sponsor from UNICEF to Qatar Airways at about the same time. Football has been about money for a long time, but it also used to have soul, which has now been virtually extinguished from the game.

(If it weren't for Leicester FC's amazing run last year, I think I'd already have extricated myself from the quagmire that is modern football. Seriously - that was genuinely amazing and wonderful to watch. Thank you Jamie Vardy, Shinji Okazaki, N'Golo Kanté, and Kasper Schmeichel. Thank god Claudio Ranieri won 2016 FIFA manager of the year…).

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