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Review of Mini Metro Game for iPhone
10 / 10

Review of Mini Metro Game for iPhone

Pros: Super engaging, progressively more difficult, addicting

Cons: Addicting, a bit hard to manipulate with your fingers sometimes

Buy? Yes, I strongly recommend it.

This is a super fun strategy game. It looks deceptively simple, but the mechanics of growing a subway system as ridership increases, stations get added, and movement becomes more complex is excellent fun. For double points, play the game while riding the actual subway line you're building :)

Also, I know this is kind of over-thinking it a bit... but the game now has me thinking a bit harder about how city planners actually come up with subway routes. Considering they take decades to build... this game really helps you understand how damn hard it must be to plan an actual subway system that can support a growing and shifting population in a major city. I can hardly even imagine being responsible for planning something like that in real life.

I paid $4.99

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