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Review of MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Bar
5 / 10

Review of MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Bar

Pros: It looks nice. Esc key is fine. Has potential.

Cons: Slower to use. No obvious advantage. A bit flaky.

I want to be optimistic but after several weeks with the latest MacBook from Apple featuring the new touch screen instead of regular function keys, the experience has not been overly positive. Several things feel like an extra click away (especially if you need to wake it up first) and it hasn't really added much more than what the older keys offered.

There have been a handful of buttons that show up for certain apps that made me think - ok, that's kind of useful - but nothing that made it better than regular keyboard shortcuts. And certainly nothing that has improved efficiency.

Most annoying, my touch bar looks like the image on this review with partially displayed buttons way more often than it should.

Even fingerprint touch id feels slower than just typing in a password.

I paid $4000

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