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Review of Super Mario Run for iOS
9.5 / 10

Review of Super Mario Run for iOS

Pros: Mario Mario Mario! Plays in vertical mode. Single touch action. Clever levels and challenges. Addictively fun.

Cons: Too addictive! I can't put it down. Please help me! Also, some of the in-between screens need too much tapping.

Buy? Yes, I strongly recommend it.

Holy crap. It finally came out and it's really good. I love single-tap action games like Alto's Adventure, Canabalt, and Subway Surfers. This is along the same vein, but with all of the Mario action and characters you'd expect and a few unusual gameplay elements you'll appreciate. The always-running-forward thing is interesting in a side-scroller and there seem to be heaps of great level concepts. This game is going to be serious trouble.

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