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Review of Alpinist magazine
10 / 10

Review of Alpinist magazine

Pros: Thoughtful and well written articles, beautiful

Cons: None?

Buy? Yes, I strongly recommend it.

To appreciate Alpinist magazine It helps to be interested in rock climbing and mountaineering, but it's not at all a prerequisite. This quarterly journal is no mere sports rag. The articles delve deep into why we live, what it means to watch people die, and how we decide what a mundane life is versus one of adventure and wonder.

The latest issue, #56, has a wonderful article by David Roberts about grappling with a fatal illness late in his life and reflecting back on thoughts about risk, love, friends, and death. How many sporting journals go long like that?

Almost without exception the articles in the Alpinist are this sort of complicated study of what it is to be human. Love it.

I paid $14.95/issue

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