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Review of Ilulissat Water Taxi
10 / 10

Review of Ilulissat Water Taxi

Pros: So awesome. The only way to explore Greenland is to be surrounded by ice.

Cons: Price. It’s not cheap but completely worth it. Especially if shared among 6 passengers.

Buy? Yes, I strongly recommend it.

Don’t visit northern Greenland and the town of Ilulissat without exploring Disko Bay. The best way to appreciate the incredible sizes of the surrounding icebergs is to be next to them on the water. Explore the Ilulissat fjord featured in the documentary Chasing Ice and with any luck, a few whale sightings. Your host Andres is fantastic.

Take the adventure up a notch with a crazy 80km trip north to Eqi and witness one of the most active calving glaciers. We spent the night there and it really does release ice into the water every 10 minutes on average.

I paid $315 per hour

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