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Review of Warby Parker Roosevelt Glasses
9 / 10

Review of Warby Parker Roosevelt Glasses

Pros: Cheap! Easy to order. Comfortable.

Cons: A little bit cheap in the construction, but not bad.

Buy? Yes, I recommend it.

I really love Warby Parkers. Even more, I hate the idea of paying $300+ for glasses that are name brand. My jet black Roosevelts are cool (at least I think so) and so easy to order. I sound like an ad for them, but it's true!

The customer service, easy ordering and shipping, and good return policy are all awesome. The Warby Parker site used to have a tool for testing what the glasses would look like on your own face, but sadly they've removed it. That means you just have to guess, and do the free-return thing if they don't work out. But still, great system.

I paid $120

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