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Review of Backblaze Backups
9.5 / 10

Review of Backblaze Backups

Pros: Saved my data!

Cons: Uploading takes a long time - but that's the internet for you…

Buy? Yes, I strongly recommend it.

First of all, BACKUP YOUR DATA! It's so easy to overlook the importance of that until you lose it.

My WD Passport external drive recently died, and along with it all of my photos that I've taken for the past 15+ years. But, I didn't have to panic, because I knew they were all backed up safely on Backblaze.

It's only $5/month. So cheap. And you can back up your hard drive and all of your external drives.

The restoration process is interesting. You can either:
1) Download the files. This is what I did, but it was 700GB and it took a really long time.
2) Get a hard drive with the files sent. Next time I'll probably do this. You can either keep the hard drive, or return it and get refunded. Really ethical and nicely handled Backblaze!

I paid $5/month

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