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Review of Apple's AirPods Headphones
8 / 10

Review of Apple's AirPods Headphones

Pros: Light and comfortable. Wireless is so great. I prefer the sound over my more base heavy Bose.

Cons: Siri controls. Expensive. I now notice and hate wires.

I've been trying Apple's new Bluetooth AirPods for the past day and after initially thinking they looked a bit dumb, have been really quite impressed. They are loud and sound good but they are not sound isolating so you will still hear everything around you.

It's cool that if you remove an earbud, it auto pauses the audio. But it's equally annoying that you can't easily use just one earbud without pressing play again.

When paired with a MacBook, I was able to walk 3 floors down before the connection started to break.

Pair syncing across iCloud and devices is handy.

The case is well designed, compact and acts as a wireless charger. The case is charged using a lightning cable.

I like them quite a bit but unfortunately, not enough to replace my wired noise canceling headphones. I really only wear headphones to block distractions.

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