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Review of Panasonic RP-TCM125-K In-Ear Buds
8.5 / 10

Review of Panasonic RP-TCM125-K In-Ear Buds

Pros: Cheap, light, on-cable mic and button

Cons: No holding clip, they don't last

Buy? Yes, I recommend it.

I listen to podcast when I'm doing any kind of work around the house. I'm always wearing out headphones. The cables wear out and the connection breaks, or a lean forward and dip them in my coffee as they hang from my collar (true story).

I eventually found these cheap Panasonic headphones. They sound pretty good, but most importantly, they are cheap. At under $20 (Canadian), I actual order the a few pairs at a time. Then, when I inevitably destroy a pair by catching the cable on a door knob, or gradually weakening the cable end in my pocket, I have another pair at the ready.

I wish they shipped with a clip to attach them to your shirt/collar. I had to buy those separately. They do have a button that works to play/pause podcasts on my Android phone. I wouldn't buy a pair without this feature.

I think I'm ready to order another three sets.

I paid $18 (Canadian)

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