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Review of Mizage's Shush App
9.5 / 10

Review of Mizage's Shush App

Pros: Never search for a mute button again!

Cons: Sometimes I don't realize I've muted myself when I start a call.

Buy? Yes, I strongly recommend it.

I've worked remotely for fifteen years, so I do a lot of video conferencing (Skype, Highfive, GoToMeeting, Slack calls, etc…). To be respectful to others on the call and reduce the chance of background noise interference, I treat my calls like a walkie-talkie and mute/unmute when I'm not talking. This leads to the obvious problem of someone mentioning my name in the call, then me scrambling to find the call window, and then trying to click the mute button while everyone waits and wonders why I'm not talking.

Mizage's Shush makes this really simple. I choose a hotkey (F1) and when I hold it down, I'm unmuted, and when I let go, I'm muted again. You can flip that functionality quickly with a double-click so that holding down causes it to mute instead. It's really intuitive and quick and reliable.

Years ago I set up an Apple Script to do the same thing, but it was super slow and buggy. Props to Mizage for taking a simple idea and simply executing it well.

I paid $4.99

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