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Review of Air Miles Reward Program
7.5 / 10

Review of Air Miles Reward Program

Pros: Cheaper selected flights. Works best within North America.

Cons: Some times you need to jump through a few hoops to collect and redeem.

People love to hate on the game of Air Miles for many reasons. It can be both tricky and frustrating to collect and then redeem. However, when it does work, it works beautifully well.

On average, I collect enough points for a couple flights per year (obviously depending on destination). Since pricing is based on distance, it's often the best value to fly into a remote town of Newfoundland (from PEI) than it would be a major city on the west coast. Since airline prices are unpredictable, some comparing is necessary because it very well might not be worth cashing in for a flight that has a seat sale promotion.

Air Miles needs to be treated like a currency. Each point has a value of roughly 30 cents. You can use that to compare points required to what it would cost if you just paid for something.

Bonus reward points are particularly tricky. When you shop online at Apple or Amazon for example, or you participate in a buy at 3 different stores this month type of promotion - those bonus points do not get credited for weeks later. It's a bit of a cross your fingers game hoping you did everything right to earn those extras.

Air Miles is worth it if you can collect on things you have to buy anyway. Groceries, Electricity, Mortgages all contribute over time.

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