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Review of Super Mario Run for iPhone
8.5 / 10

Review of Super Mario Run for iPhone

Pros: Fun and simple iPhone game that can be played with one hand. Brings back many memories of classic Mario levels.

Cons: Can't run backwards.

After much anticipation, Super Mario Run for iPhone has been out for all of 30 minutes and I've completed the first 2 of 6 worlds. The concept is fairly simple. Mario runs automatically in the direction the game wants you to, and you tap to jump. This is a game all about timing with few second chances. I feel like all I want to do is turn around and run backwards. That feeling leaves a bit of a negative impression and a real distraction.

Much more playing (jumping) to go. I have a princess to save.

I hope Nintendo continues this route and creates Mario Kart next.

I paid $14

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